How Do You Make Gel Wax Melts?

We often get asked, how we make our gel wax melts (or Jelly wax melts)... Without giving away our gel wax melts recipe, I thought I'd let you know a little bit about how our gel melts are made, as well as share some behind the scenes here at Ella and I. 

The main ingredients for gel wax melts are:

1. Gel wax (sometimes called Jelly wax)

2. Gel wax approved fragrance oils

3. A wax melter

4. An amazing team

1. Gel wax

Gel wax (or jelly wax) is made from mineral oil and polymer resin. It's translucent with the same consistency as the jelly cubes you'd buy from the supermarket... which makes it really fun to use and work with. The gel gives you that super satisfying feeling when you peel the wax away from your burner leaving with a clean tray. No fuss, no mess! (unlike traditional wax that gets stuck in your burner). Check out some of our peely videos on our Instagram

2. High quality gel wax fragrance oils

Scent is the first thing people notice when they enter a room. At Ella & I we have a wide range of luxury scents, rigorously tested by the noses of the Ella & I team :) It's always exciting when new fragrance samples arrive and are passed around the room. 

Not all wax melt fragrance oils are suitable for gel wax. All our oils tested and approved specifically for gel wax and are CLP compliant. 

For a full list of our scents click on this link

3. A wax melter (aka Betty)

We started making our melts in a soup kitchen on the dining room table. We then had to buy two more to keep up with demand. When we moved into our unit last year we invested in an industrial sized wax melter (aka Betty). We are super grateful for Betty who gives us hot wax on tap! The hot jelly wax is then mixed with the fragrance oils and colouring before being hand poured into our pots. 

4. An amazing team

Each gel melt is hand poured with care by our lovely team.. I will add a picture here when we can get the team together :)