It's never been so easy to change scents

- Gel Wax Melts -

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Why Gel Wax Melts?

- Lasts twice as long as traditional wax melts.

- Easy to change. Once cooled, the gel simply peels out your burner!

- 100% Vegan & Cruelty free

- Handmade in the UK using the best scents and fragrances.

How to use Gel Wax Melts?

Gel melts are so easy to use!

Step 1 - Choose your favourite scent from our wide range of fragrances

Step 2 - Tear a piece off and place it on top of your burner

Step 3 - Turn your electric warmer on or light a tealight underneath. Sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful aroma filling your room

Step 4 - We recommend flipping the gel melt every four hours to allow the scent to disburse evenly.

Simply wait for the gel to cool then simply peel the wax out. No mess!