Are Gel Wax Melts Reusable?

People love gel wax melts because they're easy to use, they last a long time, and they come in a wide variety of fragrances. But one question we often hear is "are gel wax melts reusable?" The answer is yes but like other wax melts the scent will fade over time. However, the added advantage gel wax has over soy or paraffin wax, is that gel is super easy to remove and will fit back into the original pot ready to reuse again another day. 

Are Gel Wax Melts Reusable?

Are gel wax melts reusable?

Gel wax melts will not evaporate no matter how often you use them, but the fragrance will fade over time. Gel wax melts last up to 40 hours which is longer than traditional wax. This is because gel wax has a higher melting point than other types of wax, such as paraffin or soy, meaning they will burn for longer. In fact, they last twice as long as paraffin wax, making them great value for money. We recommend flipping the gel melt every 4 hours to allow the scent to disburse evenly. Simply wait for the wax to cool to room temperature then peel the wax out.

Instructions for Reusing Gel Wax Melts

First, let the gel wax cool completely. Once it's cooled, simply peel the gel wax from your burner and place the wax back in the original pot (Unlike traditional wax which will have hardened into a different shape). Gel wax can be stored for up to 12 months when kept in a cool place. Gel melts (or jelly melts) are perfect if you like to change scents often... which we actually recommend you do! This is because when you are exposed to the same scent over a long period of time you can become scent blind, meaning your nose becomes less responsive or gets used to that particular scent. Quick tip! One way to keep your favourite scent smelling strong is to switch fragrances once in a while. 

Gel wax melts are a great way to enjoy your favourite fragrances and can be used in either a ceramic or electric burner. You can find our latest collection of wax burners here and we hope you enjoy reusing your gel wax melts over and over again. 

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