How Long Do Gel Wax Melts Last? And How To Make Gel Melts Last Longer?

Gel wax melts (jelly wax melts) are an easy way to make any room smell incredible without having to fork out on an expensive candle. Who doesn’t love saving a bit of money!

If you have been looking into gel wax melts you might be wondering how long do gel wax melts last? Similar to candles and other types of wax melts, the answer depends on a few factors. How the gel melts are made, the quality of the gel wax and oil used, and how the melts are stored. All these things play a big part in the length of burn time you will get with when making gel wax melts.

Burn time means the amount of time your gel wax melt (jelly melt) will burn before it stops producing a scent. We ensure our melts are made at the optimal temperature to ensure the minimal amount of scent is lost in the production process. We only source the highest quality of gel wax and gel wax fragrance oil to ensure our gel melts produce the strongest scent. Gel melts are then stored in a cool place waiting to be shipped out to our happy customers.

With one of our 40g pots you can expect our gel melts to last on average 40 hours. Again, that burn time is dependent on the factors mentioned earlier.

To learn how to make you gel melts last longer and get the best result from your gel melts keep reading.

Ella and I - How long do gel melts last

What type of wax warmer can be used with gel wax melts?

Some wax warmers (or wax burners) can get way too hot, too fast. This may make the scent smell a lot stronger at first but this will significantly reduce the burn time. Burners that get too hot can also be a fire hazard.

We recommend that you only use a 4 hour unscented tealights and a burner with a height of at least 10 cm to ensure that the flame is a safe distance away from the burner tray. Check your burner regularly for hairline cracks or chips before use. Never use burners with cracks or chips as this can be a fire hazard.

All the burners that we sell are suitable for both gel melts and traditional wax melts. Gel wax melts can also be used in an electric burner. Keeping your burner at the right temperature will ensure a safer and longer burn.

How long can gel wax melts be stored?

How you store your gel wax melts can make a significant impact on their burn time. For best results, gel wax melts should be kept in the packaging and stored in a dark cool place until ready for use. You do not want any direct sunlight on your melts or for them to be exposed to any extreme heat. This will ultimately change the scent throw and shorten the burn time.

How often do you change gel wax melts?

For best results, use half a pot at a time with a 4 hour tealight to get the strongest scent throw. We recommend flipping the gel melt every 4 hours to allow the scent to disburse evenly.

Once you can no longer smell the scent the gel melt can be discarded. Each 40g pot will provide up to 40 hours of burn time and can be used in both a ceramic or electric burner.

If you are continually using the same scented gel melts in your house, there is a simple way to make your melts seemingly last longer by simply switching scents.

If you are regularly exposed to the same smell, some people develop natural anosmia, also known as olfactory fatigue. Without going in to too much detail, olfactory fatigue is basically when you are exposed to the same scent over a long period you can become scent blind, meaning your nose becomes less responsive or gets used to that scent.

By switching it up a bit every so often you can avoid any scent blindness you may develop through using the same scent everyday. Gel melts are perfect for this as they are so easy to change. Simply wait for it to cool, then peel it from the burner and pop it back in the pot. Replace it with a new scent for a while then come back to the another scent later.

The best gel wax melts in the UK

If you are looking for luxury and high-quality gel wax melts, Ella & I is the place. We are a Cheshire based home fragrance company which specialises in highly scented gel wax melts. Our gel melts (jelly melts) are easy to remove from your burner and last longer than traditional wax, making them great value for money.

At Ella and I we have a wide range of luxury scents, all made from high quality gel wax fragrance oils and hand poured in our workshop in Bollington near Macclesfield, Cheshire. Gel wax melts can be used in either an electric burner or ceramic burner and with fill your home with beautiful long-lasting aroma.

The best gel wax melts in the UK - Ella & I