How To Use Gel Wax Melts?

Gel wax melts (or Jelly wax melts) are brand new to the home fragrance scene, if you haven't heard of them yet then keep reading. I'll tell you how to use gel wax melts and why so many people are switching from wax melts to gel melts.

Ella and I - How to use gel wax melts


Why are gel wax melts better than traditional wax melts?

  1. They are quick and easy to use. Once you are ready to change scents, simply wait for the gel wax to cool, then peel the wax from your burner. It really is that easy! 
  2. They are fun and satisfying to use. If you haven't already you will love peeling the wax out your burner leaving your burner perfectly clean. No fuss. No mess.
  3. They make great content for social media. Lots of our videos have gone viral on Instagram and TikTok which is why lots of content creators are using gel wax melts peely videos to make viral content. 
  4. They last longer than traditional wax melts. Gel wax burns at a higher temperature than regular wax types. This means the fragrance oils are released more slowly, making the scents last longer. 
  5. They produce a strong long lasting scent and are great value for money.

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How to use gel wax melts?

Gel melts are so easy to use. Simply remove the wax from the pot and place it on your burner. We recommend using half a pot at a time with a 4 hour tealight to get the strongest scent throw. This may vary depending on the cup size of your burner. You can cut the wax into pieces with a pair of scissors or break the wax in half with your fingers.

Each 40g pot will provide up to 40 hours of burn time and can be used in both a ceramic or electric burner.

We recommend flipping the gel melt every 4 hours to allow the scent to disburse evenly. Simply wait for the wax to cool to room temperature then peel the wax out.

Keep out of reach of children and pets and never leave your burner unattended while lit.

When stored in a cool place, gel wax melts have a shelf life of up to 12 months.

Each order contains a list of safety instructions. Please ensure to only use 4 hour unscented tealights and a burner with a height of at least 10 cm. Using a larger tealight/ small burner is a fire hazard.

For more information about which burners can be used with gel wax melts - read our FAQ.


What is gel wax made from? 

Gel wax is made from mineral oils and polymer resin which give it a rubbery texture and transparent appearance. Gel wax has a higher melting point than traditional wax such as paraffin or soy, this mean that gel wax can burn for longer (twice as long as paraffin wax) making them extremely great value for money. Gel wax is also vegan friendly since they are not made from animal products.


What are the best gel wax melts scents?

Our most popular and best selling scents are Snow Fairies, Baby Powder and Aliens.  

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