What Type Of Burner Can You Use For Gel Wax Melts? Can You Use Gel Wax Melts In An Electric Burner?

We get asked these questions a lot so I thought I'd write a quick post about which burners are suitable for gel wax melts (jelly wax melts) and how to use gel melts safely. 

Can you use gel wax melts in an oil burner?

The main difference between a wax burner and an oil burner is the size. Oil burners are generally much smaller than wax burners meaning the dish reaches much higher temperatures. These sort of burners should not be used for any sort of wax melts because the dish could overheat and crack causing the wax to drip into the flame of the tea light. This could cause a fire. 

The easiest way to tell between on wax burner and a oil burner is to look at the height. A wax burner should be at least 10cm tall, with a gap of at least 6cm between the flame of the tealight and the burner tray. 

Remember to always follow the guidelines for a safe burn - More information can be found on our FAQs page

Can you use gel wax melts in an electric burner?

Absolutely. Electric burners are a great alternative to normal wax burners, especially if you have a busy home with kids and pets. The wax is melted using the heat from the bulb rather than a tealight.

Just be mindful that each electric burner has different heat settings and higher/lower voltage. Lower settings/voltage will give a weaker scent throw. All our electric burners have been tested and are suitable for gel wax. Touching the base of the burner allows you to easily increase or decrease the light and heat level of your burner.

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