Find Your Ideal Wax Burner Among Our Collection

Along with gel wax melts in a spectrum of scents, Ella & I has accessories to help you make the most of your home fragrance products.

Our Wax Melt Burners come in a variety of styles, all of which make wonderful gifts. Whether you’re looking for electric wax melters or ceramic designs, you’ll find them in our extensive selection.

This collection includes this Touch Electric Wax Melt Burner which is ideal if you’re after a glamorous design.

Featuring scintillating clear crystals, it is guaranteed to boost your interior design scheme. With three light modes available, it’s easy to create an atmosphere in your bedroom or living room. As you’ll see from our customers’ pictures, it will create beautiful light effects on the wall.

Many customers like to buy a wax burner with a collection of our deliciously scented gel wax melts.

That means you’ll have everything needed to get started. We have scents to suit all personal tastes, with our selection including Starter Boxes and Gift Boxes.

Our starter boxes include The Originals which provides you with a complete home fragrance starter kit. It includes a choice of White Lyon, Rome, Nico, Talin or Dante burners, along with three best selling gel wax melt pots. You get to choose the scent category so you’ll never have any melts you don’t want.

If you’re looking for gel wax melt burners, don’t forget to check out our range today.