Fragrance Your Home With Irresistible Floral Wax Melts

Everyone has unique preferences when it comes to scent. While some people love sophisticated orential scents, others adore comforting and natural smelling floral fragrances. That’s what makes buying perfume so difficult!

No matter the preferences of you or your loved-one, you’ll find an array of scented wax melts among our collections at Ella & I.

With our colourful gel wax melts, it’s easy to give someone a special Easter treat this season.

They come in an array of tantalising scents, from floral and musky fragrances to linen, citrus and fruity aromas. With each pot lasting for 30 hours, they’re a wonderful investment for anyone who loves home lifestyle products.

Among our latest collection is this popular ‘Alien’ wax melt which has a glamorous floral oriental fragrance and an enchanting lilac colour which is perfect for spring.

A complex blend of scents, it includes green fruity top notes of plum, neroli, star anise, cardamom and green accord. Thanks to its floral blend of jasmine muguet, rose, orange blossom, cashmeran and ylang, this wax melt is ideal for anyone who loves floral fragrances.

If you want to give someone a number of different scents, our gift boxes could be ideal. This range includes this lovingly prepared Home Fragrance Starter Set which includes five of our 30g gel wax melts. It’s ideal for anyone who gets tired of having the same scent all the time!

Find out more about our gel wax melts or check out our latest products today.