How Long Do Gel Wax Melts Last?

Our gel wax melts are attractive, smell amazing, and they last for ages!

Each 40 gram pot is capable of burning for up to 40 hours, making them highly economical. Stock up on these colourful pots and you won’t have to worry about buying more for a long time. They emit fragrance in a clean and powerful way.

Only recently launched onto the home fragrance market, many people are new to these types of wax melts. You might therefore have a lot of questions about these types of melts. You’ll find plenty of information on our products on our website, including safety tips and how to use the melts.All our products also come with safety instructions included.

All our gel wax melts are not only long-lasting, but vegan and cruelty-free.

Our long-lasting gel wax melts are perfect for wholesalers.

Along with selling to individuals, Ella & I are a great choice for anyone seeking wholesaler suppliers of wax melts. With our quick and reliable deliveries, you can easily introduce these popular home fragrance products to your customers. We have a panoply of scents available, with something to suit everyone.

Why not view our Instagram to see our latest products? Based in Cheshire, our gel wax melts are delivered to customers across the UK.

If you want to know more about our gel wax melts, why not view our Frequently Asked Questions?