Our Beautifully Presented Wax Melt Starter Kits

If you know someone who loves their home comforts, our wax melter starter kits are a lovely and original gift. Lovingly prepared and well-presented, they provide someone with everything needed to get started with this type of product.

Why choose wax melts instead of candles?

Unlike candles, wax melts have no wick and the scented pieces of wax are melted in a burner. They’re wonderful for infusing a room with the most enchanting scents.

Wax melts absorb heat much slower than traditional candles, which means they release aromas without burning the oils, leading to the scent evaporating less quickly. These products are also often referred to as ‘wax tarts’ or wax cubes.

Our gel wax melts are particularly attractive and come in many different colours.

With our different fragranced kits, Ella & I make it easy to order gifts for either him or her. Rated highly by our previous customers, these wax melt starter kits include several fragrances.

Our Original Gift Set is particularly ideal for those who need a burner before they get started. We make it easy to choose from a range of items, so you can create a bespoke kit for your loved one. You can pick from a variety of burners and different gel wax scents.

This wax melt starter kit is only £21.50 and will be carefully packaged and shipped to your home or business. 

If you’re looking for wax melt starter kits, explore our latest collection online today.