Our Gel Wax Melts Are A Great Alternative To Candles

Looking for original gifts this Mother’s Day?

If your mother loves candles but finds they get used up quickly, our colourful wax melts are a brilliant alternative. Not only do they burn much longer, they produce much less mess. They come in an array of vibrant colours, so look beautiful around the house.

Made from blended mineral oil, they burn twice as long as traditional candles. Better yet, they’re both vegan and cruelty free. We enclose safety instructions with every delivery, so it’s easy to enjoy these wax melts without any risk.

At only £2.50 each, you can easily order a combination of different scents, or simply choose one of our starter boxes.

Whether you love fruity, floral or fresh linen scents, you’ll find fragrances that suit all tastes.

Each gel melt can be placed into your wax warmer and will then infuse your room with delicious scent within mere minutes. With 30g giving you over 30 hours of burn time, they offer excellent value for money.

We also have a collection of exfoliating soap sponges, which also make fantastic gifts. With winter often causing dry and flakey skin, these are a great way to remove this type of problem and celebrate the beginning of spring.

If you’re looking for an alternative to candles, why not explore our latest collection today.