Why Gel Wax Melts Are A Great Alternative To Candles

Want to fill your home with the most tantalising scents?

You might have heard of wax melts but not yet tried the gel variety. These great looking melts are fun and extremely easy to use.

Gel wax melts might be smaller than candles, but don’t underestimate their size! They burn twice as long as traditional wax, making them excellent value for money. So, if you find yourself constantly having to stock up on candles, gel wax melts are the ideal alternative.

Since they come in a variety of both scents and colours, you can easily find those that reflect your personal tastes.

Less mess, and more time to enjoy the soothing scents.

They’re also much less messy than traditional candles, since all you need to do is peel them away from the burner.

Unlike candles which can easily get knocked over if not in a secure place, jelly wax melts are extremely safe, providing they’re kept away from children and pets. We always provide full safety instructions with all our products.

Worried about products made using animal products? Choose Ella & I for your wax melts and you can have assurance they are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

If you’re looking to purchase lifestyle products wholesale, our gel wax melts are an excellent choice. They’re likely to be popular with anyone who loves candles and wants to try something new.

Discover more reasons our gel wax melts are a good alternative to candles.